Three Advantages that a Steam Mop has Over Your Mop and Bucket

If you aren't one of those people that has tossed your mop and bucket yet for a steam mop, you might want to after you read this article.  Today, we will examine three ways that a steam mop is better than the mop and bucket you have probably been using to clean your floor for years.


#1 - A Steam Mop Not Only Gets Floors Clean, it also Sanitizes Them!

This is what draws many people to trying a steam mop.  While a traditional mop may remove dirt and sticky residue from your floors, you have to use chemical disinfects in your mop water if you have any hope of sanitizing the floor at the same time.  Otherwise, unseen germs and bacteria will linger there even after the dirt has been removed.

If you choose the best steam mop though, you will find that it reaches temperatures hot enough to accomplish this chemicals needed.   Who doesn't love the idea of having clean, germ-free floors with only the use of some water and electricity?  All you need to do is make sure to pick a steam mop that reaches at least 220 degrees F.  A couple mops that do include the Haan Steam Mop, the Eureka Enviro Steamer, the Haan Slim and Light, and the Monster Steam Mop.


#2 - It Makes a Dreadful Chore Much Easier to Tackle

I lugged a bucket and mopped through my house weekly until I bought my steam mop.  Mopping day was the most dreaded day of the week for me.  I usually finished mopping my house and would have to sit down and rest because I was so exhausted.  It really is back breaking work to lug a bucket through the house and put some muscle behind the mop to make sure all the sticky spots left by the kids and the pets came off the floor. 

When I got my steam mop, I was amazed to find that my mopping time was cut in half.  Even better, I wasn't tired or achy when I finished.  If there is a spot that is stubborn about coming out, I just hold the mop over it for 5-10 seconds and the heat and steam loosen it right up.  Pushing the steam mop is easy because I don't have to lug a bucket full of water through the house with me.   All steam mops come equipped with a water tank built right into them.


#3 - Steam Mops are Environmentally Friendly

Steam mops are a friend of the environment.  They don't require harsh chemical cleaners and since they have re-usable mop pads, they produce waste like a Swiffer mop with it's throw away pads does.  Not only are they good for the environment in general, they are also good for the environment in your home.  You won't have harsh chemical smells in your home and the air quality will be better too.   No chemical residues left on your floors is another advantage, especially if you have young children or pets who often play on those floors.