H20 Steam Mop

H20 Steam Mop
If the reviews are to be believed, the H20 Steam Mop ranks right up there with the original Shark Steam Mop for steam mops you should avoid.

Though it has some nice features and some positive customer reviews to it's name, nearly 50% of the reviews I read for the H20 Steam Mop were negative. This is usually a good indication that there is something wrong with the mop's design or performance! I think if you are looking for an equally priced steam mop, the Eureka Enviro Steamer is a better alternative. If you want a steam mop that has a carpet sanitizing feature like the H20, I recommend the Haan Slim and Light. Both these steam mops are much more highly rated steam mops.

In case you are still interested, let's take a look at what the H20 Steam Mop does have to offer and find out just what customers had to say about it!


H20 Steam Mop Features

  • 360 degree swivel mop head
  • Triangle shape mop head
  • 17 foot cord
  • Weighs 9 lbs
  • 2 micro fiber mop pads
  • Carpet glide attachment
  • Measuring cup


H20 Steam Mop Pros

360 degree swivel mop head.  A swivel head on a steam mop is a huge plus. It makes it easier to get the mop into where you want it to go.

Triangle shaped mop head.  A triangular shaped mop head makes it easier to get into corners and other tight spaces while mopping.

Carpet glide attachment.  Not every steam mop has a carpet glide attachment so this is a definite advantage for the H20 Steam Mop. Other steam mops with carpet glide attachments include the Haan Steam Mop, Haan Slim and Light, and the Dirt Devil Steam Mop.


H20 Steam Mop Cons

Short cord.  At 17 feet, the H20 Steam Mop's cord is on the short side.

Filter.  The H20 Steam Mop has a filter that requires replacing every 6 months. This is an additional cost the should be considered as most steam mops don't have this additional part to deal with.

No on/off button.  The H20 is lacking an on/off button. Not a super big deal but it is a nice convenience to have. Without it, you will have to unplug the unit from the wall every time you want it to stop steaming.


H20 Steam Mop Reviews - What do Customers Say?

So far, the H20 Steam Mop sounds like a pretty good deal. It has some nice features and it is priced about the same as other steam mops. It was the customer reviews that seemed to be it's downfall though.

As I mentioned earlier, about half the H20 Steam Mop reviews I read were negative. Although the consumers who wrote the positive reviews seemed really happy with their H20 mop and it's performance, the negative reviews highlighted some problems with the product. There were quite a few people reporting that their steam mop had stopped working after a relatively short period of time. Even more troubling was that many mentioned they were unable to get any assistance from Thane (the H20 steam mop manufacturer) on dealing with this issue.

So all in all, based on this information I really don't think that the H20 Steam Mop is the best steam mop out there. There are much better options to consider including my two favorites, the Eureka Enviro Steamer and the Haan Slim and Light Steam Mop.