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Cleaning Articles and Resources

Steam a Carpet - A video about cleaning your carpet using steam

Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Managing Dust Mites - Dust mites can cause allergies in many people.  This article gives some tips and ideas for reducing them in your home.

Clean carpets without chemicals 

Make your own non toxic cleaners - Use natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and tea tree oil to make non toxic cleaners that are safer for your home and family.

Frugal homemade cleaner recipes - From's frugal living section.

Homemade cleaning wipes - From Organized Home, instructions to make your own homemade cleaning wipes.

150 Cleaning Tips and Tricks - From, tips and tricks for cleaning just about everything.

Clean your house in 10 minutes - A three step approach to clean your house fast.

How to Clean Your House Like a Professional - A youtube video that shows you how to get your house clean just like the professionals do it!