Steamfast Steam Mop

Steamfast Steam Mop

Steamfast makes a couple of different steam mops. The SteamFast SF-140 Steam Mop is a low priced option that may appeal to consumers that don't have a lot to spend.

But are the savings worth it in the long run? Let's take a look!



Steamfast Steam Mop Features

  • 1000 watt
  • Swivel, telescopic handle
  • 2 micro fiber mop pads
  • Fill cup
  • Resting pad
  • 19 foot cord
  • 3 minute heat up time


Steamfast Steam Mop Pros

Low price steam mop. The SteamFast SF-140 is one of the more affordable steam mops on the market. If you don't want to spend a lot on a steam mop, the Steamfast Steam Mop and the Lysol Steam Mop are two of the lowest priced options out there for you.

Continuous steam flow.  The Steamfast Steam Mop has continuous steam when turned on. This is nice since some mops, including the Shark Steam Mop, require you to push a trigger to make steam come out.

Mop pads velcro on.  Some steam mops have mop pads that clip on. The Steamfast SF140's mop pads velcro on which in my opinion is much easier. With the velcro, it only takes a second to put the pads on and take them off when you need to change them.


Steamfast Steam Mop Cons

Very small water tank.  The SteamFast Steam Mop has an extremely small water tank. At about only 8 ounces, you will find it necessary to frequently refill this mop. If you have a lot of floor to mop, this could become tiresome and really extend you mopping time since you will have to keep refilling and waiting for the mop to heat back up.

Flimsy design.  Compared to other steam mops, the Steamfast SF140 has a fairly flimsy design. It is made up largely of plastic.


Steamfast Steam Mop Reviews - What Customers are Saying

The Steamfast Steam Mop got a lot of positive reviews. Many consumers were happy with this steam mop's performance, especially for for the price. There were however some complaints about the Steamfast SF140 as well.

Among the most common complaints were that it poured water on the floor or left the floor too wet. Many also complained about the mop only providing a few minutes of steam time before needing refilling, due to it's unusually small water tank.

And finally, I did see some reports of the mop breaking.

If you can afford the extra $15-$20, I would recommend the Eureka Enviro Steamer over the SteamFast SF-140. It's a much more solid design with better customer ratings.


Finding a Great Price on the Steamfast SF140 Steam Mop

If the Steamfast SF140 sounds like the right steam mop for you, check out Amazon. They offer it below suggested retail price and also have free shipping on it.

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