Customer Questions:  Is it Really Worth My Money to Buy a Steam Mop?

I think many people wonder this when deciding whether or not to buy a steam mop.  I know I did.  I didn't want to spend $70-100 on something and then be disappointed with it's performance.  Who does, right?  So I did a lot of research on steam mops.  Reading hundreds of reviews on the various models available and then completing for months whether to take the plunge.  When I ultimately did and bought my first steam mop...a Eureka Enviro Steamer, I was very happy with my decision.


Choose the a Highly Rated Steam Mop

I guess whether a steam mop is worth the money or not to you will depend on a few things.  One will be which steam mop you choose.  Not all steam mops are created equal.  All you have to do is read some steam mop reviews to figure that out!  Go with one that has a lot of positive consumer reviews and avoid the ones that have dozens of complaints about the same things...such as parts breaking or the mop not steaming any more after just a few months of use.

A few that are worth owning....the Haan Steam Mop, Eureka Enviro Steamer, Haan Slim and Light, and Monster Steam Mop.


A Steam Mop Saves You Time

Another thing to consider when deciding if it is worth it for you to purchase a steam mop is what is your time worth to you?   I can steam mop my floors in about half the time that it used to take me to clean them with a mop and bucket.  Plus it is much less strenous work to use the steam mop.  When I am done, clean up is easy.  I don't have to dump the dirty water and then wash my mop and bucket.  I just empty the water tank (if it's not) and throw the mop pads in the wash so they are ready for next time.


A Steam Mop Does a Better Job than a Mop and Bucket or Swiffer

One thing I noticed right away when I starting using a steam mop is how much cleaner my floors felt.   Walking on them barefoot no longer left my feet feeling dirty and gritty.  Even my husband commented to me on this.  I think it's because you are no longer using dirty water to clean the floor.  Unless you constantly change the water in the bucket while you mop, it is going to get dirty.  And even when you change it, the mop head is going to be dirty.  But with a steam mop, you got clean water (steam) coming out constantly and when your mop pad gets dirty, you can easily change it without missing a beat or breaking your stride.   Also, if you pick a steam mop that gets hot enough to sanitize, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your floors are not only clean but also free of germs, bacteria, and dust mites.  If you have kids and pets like I do, this is very important.


No Chemicals

Finally, a steam mop allows you to clean you home in a safe, chemical free way.  This not only makes your floors safer for pets and children to play on, it also can be better for the air quality of your home.  Also, since the steam mop only requires water to work, you don't have to spend money on cleaners to use on the floor and unlike a Swiffer, the mop pads that come with steam mops can be machine washed and re-used over and over again so there really isn't any additional expenses.  I do buy distilled water to use in my steam mop but I get a gallon at the store and it lasts me about 2-3 months (mopping once a week) and costs less than $1.  Some people opt to use tap water.  If you do this, you might get mineral build-up in your mop which can often be fixed with vinegar but in my opinion it is just best to use distilled water to avoid this from possibly happening.


Steam Mops Cost More Initially but Save Time and Money in the Long Run

To summarize the initial question, yes they are worth the money in my opinion because in the long run they save me money and more importantly time.....which as a busy mom is worth a lot to me!